Fund Performance

Key fund performance figures as at the latest NAV of Q3 2021:


Fund NAV


Like for like change in fund NAV


Cash Assets

Share Class Performance



1 YR

3 YR

5 YR


1.24% 4.69% 1.41% 14.90%


1.59% 5.84% 1.72% 15.80%

* Returns are NET of Greenman fees

Portfolio Key Figures

Key fund performance figures as at Q3 2021:


Annual Rental Income

+ 0.08% qtr-on-qtr

7.1 years


-3.92% qtr-on-qtr


Senior Debt

-4% qtr o qtr

Portfolio Performance

Grocery is an anomaly in the retail sector, fast becoming the new retail core investment after strong performance during the pandemic. Greenman Open performance reflects this.

GMO’s rent collection remained relatively stable throughout to Q3 2021 (c.99%) with high levels of occupancy (c.99%) demonstrating the stability of food and necessity based retail tenants.

We enter the third quarter of the year with a positive outlook as restrictions relax and the vaccine rollout increases. While rent collection has remained high, we continue to engage with our tenants and work with any that require flexibility during this time.

There has been no material change to contractual rent, which remains stable at €46m per annum allowing us to maintain regular distributions to investors.

GMO has a current GAV of €927m from 73 assets with long-term senior debt obligations of €386m. Contractual annual rent is €46m with a WARLT of 7.1 years. The quality of the portfolio, combined with the resilience of it’s food retailer and essential retailer tenants on long leases has contributed to the continued steady Greenman Open performance during a challenging period.



Highlights of the year including new acquisitions and rental developments.
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