Greenman OPEN (OPEN) is now Germany’s Largest Food-Retail Focused Real Estate Investment Fund

Our Sustainability Responsibility

Achieving the goal of environmental sustainability in urban development is a pressing issue, both today and in the future. We recognise the importance of working towards sustainable goals and we believe that the fund’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework is an important and binding factor in creating long-term value for not only our investors but also for society. The OPEN ESG Strategy aims to address this.

While OPEN does not have, as its objective, a sustainable investment, we do promote environmental and social characteristics making ESG factors an integral part of the investment and development process; with the potential to increase the value of our investment portfolio, reduce exposure to risk, and play an important part in ‘future-proofing’ assets.

To follow OPEN’s ESG Framework and meet its ESG goals we intend to target the following environmental and social characteristics:



OPEN has committed to reducing the environmental impact that its retail centres have upon their surroundings.  OPEN will set and work to achieve energy consumption targets, support our tenants in also achieving these targets, and promote renewable energy generation; all in order to achieve an environmentally friendly portfolio.


Real estate plays a pivotal role in the development of a more sustainable world, not only because of its considerable use of materials and land, but also because people’s lives are centred around buildings. OPEN aims to promote Community Engagement across all its retail centres, ensuring they support the local community.


The General Partner (GP) of OPEN is responsible for the implementation of the fund’s offering document and is overseen by a Board committed to high standards of corporate governance. The GP has also appointed a Management Company, a Depositary and an Administrator to ensure strong governance and effective oversight.


To demonstrate the positive financial impact OPEN ESG strategy and non-rental income initiatives will have on OPEN’s performance we have set ourselves the target, that by 2025, 5% of the fund’s annual revenue will be generated from non-rental income initiatives.

These initiatives will include, but not be limited to, the environmental and social activities listed below.



How Greenman, OPEN’s Alternative Investment Fund Manager, considers PAI on sustainability factors on a practical level in the investment decision-making.