Greenman Sponsors Ireland’s Edge Berlin

Greenman Sponsors Ireland’s Edge Berlin

Ireland’s Edge, part of Other Voices, Ireland’s longest running musical programme, is returning to Berlin, in partnership with Greenman, the German specialist food retail real estate investment fund manager.

The event celebrates the cultural and musical ties between Germany and Ireland, with musicians from both countries performing at the event across Berlin including rising international singer Dermot Kennedy and critically acclaimed German rock band Gurr.

The event will be attended by both the German and Irish Presidents, coinciding with Michael Higgins’ State Visit to Germany.

The event is a natural fit for Greenman Investments, an Irish investment manager who currently invest wholly in food retail assets across Germany.

Johnnie Wilkinson, CEO and Executive Director of Greenman Investments, commented: “We are delighted to be supporting Ireland’s Edge, an Irish institution as it heads back to Berlin.

“Germany and Ireland have close ties across business, culture and music, and we are looking forward to being just a small part of this historic occasion.”

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