Improving Ecological Impact and Energy Efficiency of our Retail Centres

Improving Ecological Impact and Energy Efficiency of our Retail Centres

OPEN is recently investing in the modernisation of an asset located in Zwickau in Germany, occupied by Kaufland, one of the country’s largest grocery retailers. This significant undertaking is aimed at enhancing sustainability and improving the overall shopping experience of our tenants and their customers.

In collaboration with our sister company White Bird, responsible for the technical asset management, we have initiated a comprehensive modernisation project. The primary focus of the renovation is the revitalisation of the property’s extensive green roof of 2000 sqm. Through the renewal of the roof sealing and the implementation of measures to ensure optimal plant growth, we are committed to maximising the positive ecological impact of the green roof while also prioritising energy efficiency.

“Furthermore, we are upgrading the control elements of the ventilation system to enhance safety and comfort for our tenants and their customers. By implementing modern and efficient control systems, we can precisely regulate ventilation, guaranteeing optimal air quality and creating a pleasant indoor climate”, says Luisa Drühl, CEO of White Bird.

As a responsible owner and investor, we recognise the importance of continuous investment in measures resulting in value retention and fostering sustainability and innovation.

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