Fund Structure

  • Various Investors:
    the Limited Partners
  • Greenman:
    the AIFM
    the Fund Administrator
  • ING Luxembourg:
    the Depositary
  • Greenman Investment Partners S.àr.l:
    the General Partner
  • Greenman Investments S.C.A.
    Compartment 1:
    Greenman OPEN (OPEN)
  • Greenman Investment Partners S.àr.l:
    the General Partner
  • Luxembourg Intermediary
  • German Intermediary
  • Property Company

OPEN is managed by Premier Benchmark Property Limited, t/a Greenman Investments (Greenman), a Dublin, Berlin & Frankfurt based Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM), regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland under the European Union (Alternative Investment Fund Managers) Regulations 2013.

OPEN is administered by DINAMIK S.A., a Luxembourg based Alternative Investment Services provider, authorised by the CSSF as a Specialised Professional of the Financial Sector (PSF). DINAMIK is part of the Greenman Group.

OPEN’s depositary is ING Luxembourg S.A. The Depositary is a credit institution who continues to hold the required regulatory approval(s) to act as the fund’s depositary. ING Luxembourg is an AIFMD compliant depositary bank.

Greenman Investments Partners S.àr.l. – the fund’s General Partner (GP) is a société à responsabilité limité (private limited liability company_ incorporated under Luxembourg law. The GP is responsible for the implementation of the fund’s Offering Document and maintains high standards of corporate governance.



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