Our Environmental Commitments   

OPEN targets to align its portfolio with the EU’s climate goals under the European Green Deal, where all 27 member states committed to make Europe the first climate neutral continent. OPEN’s portfolio of properties emits c. 163,400 tonnes of carbon emissions annually. Our ambition is to reduce this to zero on a net basis by 2050.

Greenman Energy – PV Panels  

In 2021, Greenman Energy was formed to install photovoltaic solar panels (PVs) on the roofs and carpark carports of OPEN’s retail centres. Once installed OPEN will sell the electricity generated to the tenants located in each property.  

In Q1 2024 Greenman Energy produced 71 MWh of renewable energy. By 31/12/2024 it is expected that Greenman Energy’s PV portfolio will generate c. 3,000 MWh of renewable energy.  

Find out more about Greenman Energy here

Greenman Energy – EV Hyper-Chargers   

Greenman Energy estimates that there are c. 190,000 visits/day by car to OPEN’s properties. By 2030 there could be c. 40,000 visits/day to the same properties by electric vehicles (EVs).

Greenman Energy is rolling out EV hyper fast EV charging stations to the carparks of OPEN’s properties and where possible, the chargers will be powered with solar energy. Once installed the chargers will offer a complementary service to customers visiting the retail centres.

In Q1 2024 6,000 cars were charged at Greenman Energy hyper fast EV chargers. By 31/12/2024 it is expected that Greenman Energy’s EV charging network will be charging 88 cars/day.

Potager Farm – Urban Vertical Farms 

In 2021, Potager Farm was formed and will meet consumer desire for sustainable and local food production, by building and operating urban vertical farms at OPEN’s properties.  

By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will be living in an urban environment. Conventional agriculture cannot cope with the increasing strain on traditional farming systems.  

Potager’s first farm will become operational and be located in OPEN’s property located at Tychyer Str. 6. 12683 Berlin. The Farm will consist of three 6m growth towers with a growing area of c. 650sqm and all associated infrastructure including a mezzanine level for specialised equipment, a temperature-controlled germination room, a harvesting area, offices, and various storage areas.  

Keep up to date with Potager’s journey here.



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