Vertical Farming’s Christmas Sale at Biesdorf Center

Vertical Farming’s Christmas Sale at Biesdorf Center

We are thrilled to announce that our sister company, Potager Farm, takes a giant leap forward with their first-ever direct-to-consumer sale of fresh, local, and pesticide-free food.

In September this year and as part of a pilot-project, the first seeds were sown and a batch of produce was provided to gastronomic partners to receive feedback on quality, durability, aroma, taste profile, freshness, and the visual appeal of the harvested produce.

Today kicks off a special Christmas pop-up over the next three days at the Biesdorf Center in Berlin, one of our retail centres, where the vertical farm is nestled just around the corner. Witnessing the culmination of our commitment to revolutionise the future of food and farming is heartening.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments and innovations as we continue to shape the landscape of sustainable agriculture.

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