Beezdorf Kitchen Promotes Education and Biodiversity in Local Community

Beezdorf Kitchen Promotes Education and Biodiversity in Local Community

The educational initiative Beezdorf Kitchen continues to make a positive social impact by engaging with the local community and promoting biodiversity. This week, the fund’s daughter company yes& organised a further event at the Berlin Fuchsberg elementary school as part of the ongoing Beezdorf Kitchen event series.

The Beezdorf Kitchen initiative, funded by Greenman OPEN and operating under the brand Beezdorf, aims to educate school children in the catchment areas of OPEN’s retail centres through workshops, competitions, and collaborations with various stakeholders.

The latest event featured a workshop that allowed 60 school children to explore the fascinating world of bees. As part of the educational experience, the children were taken on an a visit to the rooftop of our flagship centre Biesdorf Center in Berlin, where 6 beehives with over 250.000 bees are placed. During the visit, they learned about the crucial role bees play in maintaining biodiversity, the dynamics of bee colonies, and the fascinating process of honey production that culminates in the jars we enjoy.

The Beezdorf Kitchen initiative serves as a platform for collaboration with food retailers, local nutrition consultants, educational institutions, and non-profit organisations. By partnering with these stakeholders, Beezdorf Kitchen aims to create a comprehensive and impactful educational programme that goes beyond theoretical knowledge, providing practical insights into the world of sustainable food production and the preservation of biodiversity.

We love to demonstrate our commitment to community engagement. By actively involving school children and offering them hands-on experiences, the initiative seeks to inspire the younger generation to appreciate the importance of biodiversity and become responsible stewards of the environment.

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