Taking an Integrated Approach to Property Management

Taking an Integrated Approach to Property Management

To create a smart building that not only operates sustainably and efficiently but that also creates links to its users (tenants, landlords, customers) requires many different touch points.

As part of the Greenman Group, Greenman OPEN leverages the skills and experience of the Group companies to integrate technology, data, and other projects into its retail buildings, all with the same objective: to become a truly smart and sustainable building.

From projects such as the ones in Plauen & Zwickau which are modernising existing buildings, replacing outdated materials with more energy efficient ones and ensuring that the structure of the building can be as sustainable as possible.

To projects that implement the latest technology to gather live data from the physical asset. Through sensors, CCTV cameras,  computer vision applications, and direct sales to consumers, our buildings have the potential to build deeper insights into the customer journey, revealing insights to reducing loss, improving efficiency, making the most informed building decisions which can ultimately impact the value of the building and as such the investor return.

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