Greenman Energy launches “Plug & Charge“ Technology in its EV-Chargers

Greenman Energy launches “Plug & Charge“ Technology in its EV-Chargers

Subsidiary Greenman Energy (“GME“), a Joint Venture of Greenman OPEN, has announced the implementation of the innovative “Plug & Charge” (PnC) technology for its electric vehicle chargers. With the advanced technology, GME is setting new standards in providing DC-charging infrastructure and making EV-charging easier and more efficient for consumers than ever.

In line with the funds ambitious net-zero targets, Greenman Energy has started equipping the first assets of the OPEN fund with hyperchargers this year and plans to rapidly and successively advance the expansion of the renewable e-charging infrastructure, allowing a final electrification of the portfolio before 2023. Greenman recognises grocery-anchored properties as optimal locations for e-charging infrastructure due to their high footfall and accessibility, especially given the projected growth in Germany of between 12 and 15 million electric vehicles by 2030. Since the initial launch of its charge hubs at supermarkets end of June, gathered data shows the strong demand, with customers adapting their shopping behaviour and even changing their preferred supermarket to benefit from better charging infrastructure.

Maximilian Bley, CEO & Founder of Greenman Energy, comments: “The success of our charging hubs underlines the strategic importance of retail real estate in the revolution of e-mobility. Our analysis has shown that in 97 per cent of cases, charging takes place during supermarket opening hours, and more than 40 per cent of users return regularly. These results illustrate that combining regular shopping with electric vehicle charging brings a win-win situation for both retailers and end customers”.

The PnC technology allows electric vehicles to be automatically recognised by the charging station, making the entire charging process automated and thus more user-friendly. Drivers do not need to scan membership cards or use specific apps. They simply plug in their vehicle and the charging process starts immediately. This provides a time-saving, seamless and user-friendly experience that makes charging e-vehicles as effortless as refuelling a conventional car.

“Our investment in the PnC technology only marks the beginning of our commitment to a greener future. In the midst of the rapid e-revolution, we combine our expertise with the need for robust and efficient hardware. Especially with regards to the attractiveness of the locations of retail centres and the long-term relationship with tenants, the combination of real estate and renewable energy solutions is key to sustainable development in Germany,” adds Bley.

Targeting to equip all suitable properties of the OPEN portfolio with charging points, GME is putting its vision of a greener and independent energy solution into practice, planning to generate around 30 GWh of electricity by 2027. Beyond the fund’s properties, Greenman Energy has also established strategic partnerships with leading real estate project developers in Germany and is actively equipping external and newly developed locations with charging infrastructure, emphasizing their comprehensive approach to the e-mobility infrastructure landscape to meet the demand in the respective communities.

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