The Benefits of Article 9

The Benefits of Article 9

Achieving an Article 9 (dark green fund) status is not only about reporting obligations.

The benefits of Article 9 are in fact far reaching and have significantly positive implications for real estate activities. Financial impact can be seen in the access to “green loans” with more attractive financing terms; easier access to EU grants and tax incentives; and sustainability projects that improve building performance, impacting property values.

In a sector renowned for close-lipped and secretive tenants, Article 9 now obliges those tenants to provide data on energy usage and operations, providing deeper insights into their performance.

Article 9 also broadens OPEN’s ability to provide alternative activities such as the sale of renewable energy to tenants, supporting not only the tenants through reduced energy costs but creating an additional revenue stream for the fund.

Article 9 delivers much untapped capacity that will provide many exciting opportunities for OPEN to grow in the coming months and years.

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