Greenman Open supports largest pump track in Saxony-Anhalt

Greenman Open supports largest pump track in Saxony-Anhalt

Just a stone’s throw away from our retail centre Schillerpark in the city of Schönebeck, a new attraction has been built and opened for the public: the largest pump track area in Saxony-Anhalt.

This impressive project, driven by the passionate vision of local teenagers and supported by the city, donors, and community members, stands as a testament to what can happen when stakeholders and the community rallies together. OPEN is delighted to be a supporter and donor of this project and contributing to this exciting initiative.

Our focus has always been on symbiotic growth and being dedicated to working closely with the city and its residents. It’s a tangible way of showcasing our commitment to support the needs of the community, as well as fostering long-term relationships with the city and surrounding area of our centre.

The inauguration event was a huge success and saw a high number of inline, skateboard and bike enthusiasts attend, as well as politicians and notably the city’s mayor. Watching the transformation of the area around the centre into a multifunctional recreational area for Schönebeck’s youth is truly heartening. Developing a vibrant, community-friendly area helps to make the surroundings of the centre more appealing, leading to a broader demographic, increasing demand. This emphasises the importance of going beyond the ownership of real estate and building communities, which is vital for the long-term sustainability of real estate investments.

This projects serves as a blueprint for future community-driven projects, demonstrating that when real estate owners, governments, and the community collaborate, remarkable achievements are just around the corner.

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