Strengthening Community Bonds: OPEN Celebrates Annual Open-Air Cinema

Strengthening Community Bonds: OPEN Celebrates Annual Open-Air Cinema

The much-anticipated annual event, the open-air cinema, made its grand return to our retail centre “Kamen Quadrat” last weekend. For years this cinema event, initiated by the city and sponsored by OPEN, has been a hallmark of community togetherness and a celebration of film.

Each summer, the retail centre’s parking space is transformed into an outdoor theatre, where a movie is presented under the open sky. This event has long been pivotal in reinforcing OPEN’s commitment to the city of Kamen, offering residents a unique cinematic experience and fostering strong ties between the city, its tenants, and the local community.

The community’s positive response to this event speaks volumes about its importance. Families, friends, and film enthusiasts from all corners of Kamen and beyond gathered to enjoy the movie night. This collective experience has not only increased foot traffic to the retail centre but has also shaped the landscape of shared memories for everyone attending.

OPEN’s vision is to not only continue this tradition but to innovate and enhance the experience for all involved. We have always aimed to integrate deeply into the social life of the city of Kamen, and this event stands as a testament to our efforts. We hope to expand our partnership with the city in the coming years, making this cinema event an unparalleled highlight on Kamen’s event calendar.

Investing in community-centric events underscores our dedication to sustainable, long-term growth. By fostering relationships within our retail centers’ communities, we’re enhancing the value of our assets, ensuring consistent footfall, and establishing a trust that bolsters the resilience and attractiveness of our investments.

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